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Technical mechanics, 2016, 2, 44 - 54


YE. L. Tokareva


      The fundamentals of a procedure for a discharge of a two-phase heat carrier from the drain channels of heat exchangers that heat up to the temperatures exceeding the boiling point of the heat carrier are presented. The procedure considers a state of aggregation of the heat carrier and a configuration of the drain hole when damaging the drain holes. The parametric analysis determining the form of the drain hole is carried out by the analytical formula that approximate the tabular data with a high degree of accuracy. The procedure was used for a numerical study of the thermohydrodynamic parameters of the cooler while draining the heat-stressed cooling channels of the specific liquid-rocket engine. The study results demonstrated that the procedure reflects accurately the physic processes through a cut-off drain cavity of the oxidizer passage with engine stopping. The time characteristics derived are close to the characteristics measured during the flight tests of a simulated object. The method of division of a computational domain and the major computational elements for digitizing a simulated object can simulate any heat exchanger. The procedure can be used to compute the discharge of a two- phase fluid through heat exchangers for a wide range of the power plants with a various degree of complexity Pdf (English)


power plants, discharge of two-phase heat carrier, numerical simulation.

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